New trees

In the past, many original trees and species have disappeared due to unbridled logging. The deciduous trees that grew in the Himalayas kept the water around the springs and provided a good moisture balance in the soil. The spruces that were later planted as replacement do not do this and only cause more erosion in the area.

Various initiatives are being developed to restore the original afforestation. For this purpose small cuttings are grown and planted, such as acorns.


Himalaya Resources supports initiatives aimed at restoring the original afforestation by planting seeds and cuttings from deciduous and fruit trees.


The construction of chaals is necessary to absorb a lot of rainwater during the monsoon period, as a result of which groundwater level rises and the vegetation can increase. In addition, the water is used for irrigation and the cattle can drink from the ponds.
A choral is performed together with many villagers. The soil must first be prepared: clean up and flatten, then excavate. The women also actively participate in this. (Click on the photos to enlarge)