Trustworthy partners


Himalaya Seva Sangh (HSS) was established in 1962 by some Gandhian organisations to promote social and economic development of local communities in the Himalaya region and to support voluntary initiatives in this domain. Environmental protection and conservation of nature in the Himalaya is a very important point on the agenda. Read more on: or


HIMCON is a non-governmental organization which is completely committed to improving the environment of the Himalaya and the well-being of local people. HIMCON appreciates the local rich cultural traditions of the area and strives to promote a traditional system of conservation of nature. Read more on:


Uttarakhand Jan Jagriti Sansthan (UJJS) has its origin in the famous ‘Chipko Movement’ that succesfully operated in the area of Uttarakhand in the early 70s. Together with social workers from the Gandhi-network, village women took action against the commercial felling of trees by embracing the trees. The message was: Cut us first, before you cut the tree! Since 1983 UJJS has consistently worked to promote a sustainable and just development of the mountain villages, especially in the Henval valley. For more information:

Integrated Self-help Association for Rural Development (ISARD) is an NGO in Nepal that has been working in the villages of Barhabise, Sindhupalchowk for the last 30 years. Specifically focussed in the development of agriculture sector in the villages.