Almost 80% of the sicknesses in the region Uttarakhand are caused by polluted drinking water. The main reasons are defecating in the open by animals and humans, fertilizations of agricultural land, no sewage and garbage system. The drinking water problem is one of the most important points on the agenda of our local partners, because of the direct effect it has on human health. They apply a Slow Sand Filter (SSF) technique to purify the water. The SSF technique is simple, trustworthy and not expansive.

  • The working and maintenance demands minimum education
  • Materials are often locally available
  • It is a 100 environmental friendly technology. Algae eat the harmful bacteria
  • There is no electricity needed. The system functions according to the law of gravity. This makes the technology also suitable for remote areas without electricity
  • SSF does not remove any minerals from the water and leads to a higher oxygen level

Slow sand filter


Slow sand filter
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