After the successful Kimsar project, we are now starting up a new water project in the Henval Valley in Uttarakhand. Wilde Ganzen is also going to support this project again and we sincerely invite you to contribute to this too!

HIMALAYA RESOURCES joins forces with a new partner organization, UJJS, which has been working for decades in villages in this region to improve the living conditions of people. A large water campaign with children is central to the project. Our partners are already working to establish water clubs at all schools in the Henval Valley, which help to map the water problems per village. On the basis of this inventory, it is determined where interventions will take place, such as building a water tank or constructing an (irrigation) pond. These activities will be carried out in collaboration with women’s groups and the (school)

Wilde Ganzen logoWilde Ganzen does 50% on top of the amounts that HIMALAYA RESOURCES collects in the Netherlands through fundraising.


Content of the project
  • water campaign in education: d.m.v. educational activities raise awareness about water issues. This will reach about 8000 school children and young people who will help to map out the problems surrounding sources and water supply in their villages.
  • construction of 10 chaals
  • construction of 10 roof top tanks
  • repair of 2 old water tanks
  • 1 hectare of planting of cuttings of deciduous trees
  • training for women groups and students about water issues


Beneficiaries of this project
  • about 8000 school children and young people in the villages in the Henval valley
  • about 1000 women from the support groups in the area
  • around 50 villages in the Henval valley are involved in this project


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t.a.v. Stichting Himalaya-Resources