Jeanet (chairman HIMALAYA RESOURCES) visited the Kasturba Gandhi Residential Girls Hostel, where our local partner UJJS has built two large rainwater collection tanks:

For a moment I was afraid that I would miss out on all the girls because of ‘Diwali’, the party of light, but I was there just before they left home. Sitting on the ground I am sung by the enthusiastic students. One of the oldest students, Komal Mehra, says that their lives have improved enormously because of the water tanks: they can wash themselves more often and because the water is really clean, they no longer suffer from skin irritations and illnesses. The chefs are also happy with it because it saves them two hours a day. After eating sweaty diwali sweets and some stories and songs back and forth, we say goodbye. Back in the center of UJJS, Ranjan (UJJS), Manoj (HSS) and I put the finishing touches on a short film that shows how happy they are with the water tanks: Watch the video here.

HIMALAYA RESOURCES thanks Me & My Charity for the generous donation that has made the construction of these tanks possible.

Kasturba Gandhi Residential

‘Dhanyavaad’ – Thank you!