In Khadi, the mountain place where our partner organisation UJJS is based, a lot is happening to carry out the Samoon-project. Behind the space where, amongst other things, beans, lentils and herbs are exchanged and sold, a small unit has been constructed for two machines that can process basic products. Oil will be pressed out of mustard seeds and turmeric roots will be grained to powder (kurkuma). These are very popular products in India. Every day, you will find them in meals. At the front of the shop, and on the rooftop, a restaurant is under construction, which is called ‘Mountain Food Connect’. The idea is that local people and tourists can become acquainted (again) with traditional dishes, completely prepared with locally produced, organic products. In this way, the central point of focus will again be on the connection between the consumer and producer. People can buy the ingredients in the shop. Everything is purchased from farmers in the surrounding area for a good price. In the interim report you can read that the execution of the project is not taking place without its setbacks and difficulties. A destructive project to widen the road leads to huge amounts of dust, water shortage and problems with electricity cables.

You can read the full interim report from UJJS here: UJJS Mid-term update Samoon

Oil press and pulverizer arrived in Khadi