Words from: Bishnu Poudel (Social Mobilizer)
Funding partner: Himalaya Resources

As most of our construction work, we start with the need assessment of the area. This time it was Musure Tole of Tripurasundari Rural Municipality, Ward no. 4 and Pabidal of Tripurasundari Rural Municipality, Ward no. 2.

When the villagers requested for an irrigation scheme to be built in their village due to the lack of water, the project coordinators and social mobilizers conducted a need assessment. Both the villages started having water problem after the 2015 earthquake. The water source had moved due to the earthquake and the villages started experiencing drinking water shortage, especially during the winter season. We also invited an engineer from the local government to have a look and plan the execution of the irrigation scheme.

All our work is done through the community members. Once it is decided that ISARD will help with the irrigation scheme, a working committee is founded, which is responsible in helping with the execution of the activity. The working committee will open a bank account, so that all the financial transactions are transparent. The fund required is requested to ISARD, which is carefully looked at by our financial manager and the financial support that we received from Himalaya Resources, gets transferred to the committee’s bank account. Few skilled workers are hired for the construction job and few community members volunteer.

distributing agricultural inputs Bishnu
Distributing agricultural inputs Bishnu

In case of Musure tole, one collection chamber along with 9 new taps and one collection tank at the community was needed. There were already 2 old taps in the community which required maintenance. Each household was also distributed a 500 liter of plastic drum for water storage. All the distribution work and ground work for pipes and water chamber construction for Musure Tole was completed in 19 days.

As for Pabidal, it was observed that the water source had shifted after the earthquake. Therefore 2 new chambers were required and 3 old chambers were needed to be repaired near 5 different water sources. 11 new taps were needed in the community and 8 old taps were needed to be repaired. Since there is a higher population density in Nepali Tole of Pabidal, we also decided to place a 5000 liter drum in that area so that water storage would be available and four 2000 liter of drums to be placed near the water source for collection which can especially be used during the dry season. The work of constructing the chamber and groundwork of pipe distribution was completed in 17 days in Pabidal.

Due to the current pandemic we faced some difficulties in procuring the construction materials on time, but the actual construction work went according to the plan. Construction work such as irrigation scheme is very engaging for us, especially as a social mobilizer, you get to interact with a wider group of community members. We also get one volunteer from each house helping us with the construction work. The volunteer work makes them feel that they are a part of the project and we feel the community will takes care of the irrigation scheme.

Helping out in the field Bishnu

We were also able to coordinate with the local government and receive financial support of NPR 150,000/- from ward no. 4 for Musure Tole irrigation and NPR 200,000/- from ward no. 2 for Pabidal irrigation. This is the result that we have seen from working together with the local government in the past years.

With the completion of the irrigation scheme, 23 houshold in Musure Tole and 42 household in Pabidal now have drinking water facility. As a precaution for future if there is any need to repair or maintain the irrigation scheme, each household will contribute NPR 200/- annually in Musure Tole and NPR 20/- monthly in Pabidal.

Locals are very happy that after almost 5 years they have a proper water system in their village. They are very thankful to Himalaya Resources for the financial support and the community now has a stronger relation with ISARD and we hope to keep on working in these communities to help them support in the future.

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