My Dear Jeanet. Annette, Jan Paul, Edith, Marja and friends at Himalaya Resources,

Today I send you lots of Greetings Good Wishes and Blessings for a Happy and Eventful New Year from all of us at Himalaya Seva Sangh, HIMCON, and UJJS teams in the Mountains and at Rajghat in Delhi as well. In the last weeks I have been travelling in the mountains with the communities where we are all working together with small initiatives to make things easier for the people, specially for the mountain women and children who are living in far flung and sometimes remote mountain villages.

I will keep you all informed about developments at our end on land water and forest conservation efforts in the Himalayan region with the solidarity and support of Himalaya Resources .

With lots of warmth and love for all the family and friends.
Amities.  Manoj

New Year wishes from India